Spanish Bridal Cultures

There are many ways to celebrate a bride, and each handful does throw their own unique spin on the day. However, some classic practices will generally have in the ceremony.

One such tradition is to have a rose girl walk down the aisle leaving a trail of rose petals. This is a symbol of good luck and prosperity for the new pair. Another is that the bride wears her engagement band on the left side, and her wedding band on the straight( as opposed to stacking both rings on the left ).

Spanish wedding rites generally follow Catholic traditions. This means that people usually marry in a cathedral. Unlike in some Eastern ethnicities, the wedding is hardly accompanied down the aisle by her best man or maid of honor, but by padrinos, or godparents. These are generally the father and mother of the man, or close family friends of the couple. At the welcome, the head desk is generally set for six folks– the bride and groom and their families.

After the service, visitors spanish brides line up outside to throw glitter made of dried rice or rose petals. This is believed to bring fertility and prosperity to the honeymooners. It is also typical for the vicar’s buddies to slice up his connect into parts, and then offer them to wedding visitors, in order to raise money for the pair. The bride also gives out pins to single ladies, which they are supposed to wear upside down – if they lose theirs, it is a sign that they will get married soon!

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