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Also, adding pictures, operating hours, customer reviews, and other information on Google maps can give another plus point to your retail business. Importantly, AR is currently being applied in numerous industries, and eCommerce is no exception. Online stores like IKEA or Sephora use this solution to show customers whether furniture will fit perfectly in their living rooms or an eyeshadow palette will match a skin tone.

Since the market is developing so rapidly, you should incorporate all of them. The thing is that they all have to be balanced and reasonable, creating the best user experience for customers from the moment they insert a text in the search bar. We also recommend you redefine the importance of negative reviews as they jack up your credibility as much as positive reviews. If you want to gain traction, you should also engage your current and potential customers.

Uber-like App for Taxi Businesses

Our CCC Shoes & Bags mobile commerce app is the winner of the prestigious e-Commerce Poland Awards 2019 in the category “BEST ON MOBILE”. Check out our other success story in mobile shopping app development – this time, we helped our client, Veepee, to build a special app for flash sales. Choosing the features for a mobile shopping app is a critical step in the development of a software product that supports your business. We hope that our list of the key features of an e-Commerce mobile app will help you make the right decision. Conversely, in order to build a robust business pillar in the eCommerce marketplace, you need mobile app development packed with rich advanced features. Suppose you understand this affecting change and agree on the importance of mobile apps in the modern business environment.

Top outstanding features for an eCommerce app

If the customers aren’t able to buy a specific product at the moment, they can easily add it to their wishlist and save it for later. When they return the next time, they can continue with their previous saved products. You may want to save the products in the shopping cart and have them greet your customers when they return the next time.

Mobile apps conquer shopping landscape

Push notifications are better than email campaigns as they are a more direct approach to attracting consumer attention. Hence, retailers must allow the customers to review and give feedback regarding the app’s performance. Also, reviews can act as a fantastic marketing tool, same as product reviews. Excellent shopping app reviews would encourage more customers to download and draw a greater revenue potential for your online store.

Top outstanding features for an eCommerce app

One of the most vital aspects of an e-commerce website is an information-rich product catalog that drives customer conversion. The product catalog contains the description, price, delivery options, images, and available quantity. You can use the catalog organization to influence customer behavior. E-commerce companies may feel overwhelmed with many possible ways to operate on mobile. Thinking that the mobile app is a luxury is a mistake that may be killing for e-commerce company’s growth. As the world shifts to mobile, providing the users with the mobile app is no more an option – it has become a business necessity.

Want to build an efficient mobile app?

In the age group, the rate is on 89%, in group the percentage of smartphone users is equal 73%. The lowest, but still an impressive rate of 46% is seen in the 65+ age group. We offer full-cycle IT solutions and consulting services for individuals, startups, and small to medium businesses.

  • To adhere to this mantra, the customers should be able to effortlessly manage their orders via the mobile app, like tracking delivery and returns.
  • If your app is able to make the right personalized recommendations for your users, it can increase your e-commerce sales by up to 15%.
  • The scalable application can maintain its efficiency even if the application load increases.
  • Ideally, these menus are placed high up on each page in an easy-to-find place.
  • Modern shoppers perceive simple browsing and buying functionality as something that comes with any shopping app by default.
  • EBay allows customers to rate and review products, displaying reviews below the product descriptions and sponsored items.
  • WooCommerce enables the opportunity to make payments by credit cards, checks, bank transfers, and even cash on delivery.

You can try on different products from the comfort of your sofa and order the accurate shade of anything. For customers, there’s nothing nearly as irritating when you’re hard to reach out to and they need guidance with something. I like to discuss a few projects we have currently going on and would like use your services. Combine your customer’s feedback with A/B testing to see what implementations drive more sales and higher customer satisfaction. If you do a search for gift registries on Google, you will find dozens of well-known brand retailers.

Know the ways by which your eCommerce app can boost your business.

If that’s not on your radar, make phone numbers and email contact forms really easy to access should your customers need that extra bit of support when buying from you. The impact of mobile shoppers habits’ are having on retail is undeniable. Retailers and eCommerce businesses who are keeping up with this trend are set to reap the rewards as mobile commerce grows. Improving your offering mobile eCommerce app relies on implementing the best eCommerce app features. E-commerce applications collect a lot of users’ private information to complete a purchase (banking, shipping/home address, email, etc.) Data protection is your priority. If you failed to guarantee absolute safety and security of users’ private data, your e-commerce application would never reach the top charts of app stores.

Top outstanding features for an eCommerce app

An additional point should be noted is persistent login credentials, once the user has logged in, you should not ask them to log in the next time . These are typically free or paid programs where customers get private or early access to the best deals. You can also create a custom registry to celebrate any occasion you choose. You can push those promotional updates through your app to any customers that have notifications turned on.

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Most ecommerce platforms allow retailers to add videos and images to their product pages. T-Mobile uses its footer to direct customers to their social media profiles, English and Spanish sites, featured phones and plans, support, and company information. If you don’t provide this feature, your mobile users will not purchase from your app. Most of the users don’t like to fill the long forms asking too much information. Make the registration process simple and put supreme required fields for easy action. Users hardly prefer the app which demands too much information for registration.

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